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3 Ways AccuBuild’s Systems Work With You on The Go

Your business is bigger than your office. Your crews are covering multiple sites, your project managers are on the move, and you’re back to meeting with clients in person and out of your office. How do you keep up? How do you stay connected with your financial data? With your crew management? Or with your project? AccuBuild has 3 important tools to keep you connected - all the time, wherever you are. AB TimeClock 400 A|B TimeClock 400 ...

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3 Ways AccuBuild Tailors Our Software For Your Unique Business Needs

Forks. Running shoes. Garden hoses. These things work perfectly “right out of the box”. Or at least they should! But construction accounting and ERP software? Well, that’s a little different. That’s why AccuBuild tailors our solutions to meet your needs. The real issue is complexity. If you look at your team, your workflows, your jobs - these are all unique to your company. No other company deals with exactly the same mix of demands that yo...

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AccuBuild Supports Remote Work with Cloud Based SAAS Architecture

Is remote work here to stay? The pandemic has pushed many companies into remote work scenarios, whether they were ready or not! Now, as companies begin to plan for a post-pandemic world, the key question is: "How much of this remote work scenario should we keep?" There are certainly efficiencies and benefits to remote work, but we also know there are costs.a The answer for many companies will likely be a hybrid model. A balance of remote...

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High Cost of Using Inadequate Construction Software

The decision to seek new construction accounting software, particularly for contractors moving up from QuickBooks or Peachtree, is generally driven by the complexity of operations. As your company grows, you require additional functionality with more detailed reporting, particularly in the areas of project management and job costing. This functionality and reporting is vital for analyzing data and making better decisions. Growth also drives...

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Three Flaws of Entry Level Accounting Software

For small start-up contractors, entry level accounting software programs such as QuickBooks Pro or Peachtree are useful tools. However, as work volumes build, these systems become less useful for construction accounting. By the time a contractor reaches $5M or more in annual revenues, financial reporting needs begin to outgrow the capabilities of these programs. From a construction accounting perspective, entry level software is problematic...

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