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AccuBuild Supports Remote Work with Cloud Based SAAS Architecture

Is remote work here to stay?

The pandemic has pushed many companies into remote work scenarios, whether they were ready or not! Now, as companies begin to plan for a post-pandemic world, the key question is: “How much of this remote work scenario should we keep?” There are certainly efficiencies and benefits to remote work, but we also know there are costs.a

The answer for many companies will likely be a hybrid model. A balance of remote work mixed with traditional ‘in the office’ time.

Regardless of how your company finds that balance, AccuBuild is positioned to meet your needs with our cloud-based software.

In fact, we were already there when the pandemic hit.

Lynda, a CFO at an industrial concrete contractor, has been a client of AccuBuild’s for nearly 15 years. When the pandemic hit, AccuBuild’s cloud architecture allowed her company to flex with the demands:


“We have been a valued client of AccuBuild for close to 15 years which says a lot. Our payroll and job costing needs are handled easily and efficiently through their integrated software system and we are able to stay on top of our projects quickly to make adjustments. During the pandemic, AccuBuild on the cloud has allowed us to continue to stay on top of our business without any disconnect from the field and office. In addition, customer service is easy to contact when there are accounting or software issues.” – Lynda H.

How AccuBuild’s Cloud Based SAAS (Software As A Service) Helps You

Our cloud based service is ready to meet you where you’re at. Whether that’s in the office, working remotely, or even on the job site. There are a few key reasons why:

  • AccuBuild’s cloud based SAAS is easy and convenient. You can access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device (all you need is an internet connection – or mobile hotspot).
  • We provide a private cloud environment. Some software companies in the industry host your sensitive construction data on a public cloud, which increases security risks. AccuBuild clients do not share public server space. Your security is our priority.
  • Automatic backups and updates ensure your data is safe and your software is optimized.
  • AccuBuild’s cloud based SAAS is available at a low start up cost. There’s no expensive hardware, maintenance, or license minimums to contend with.

Schedule A Demo

If you’d like to find out if AccuBuild’s cloud services are a good fit for you, schedule a “live” demo where you can get a short tour, ask questions, and review pricing.