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Union reporting, certified payroll and multi-state processing are just a few of the unique requirements faced by construction payroll departments. AccuBuild’s Payroll module provides the flexibility and functionality you need to efficiently handle these issues and control the entire construction payroll process. With AccuBuild’s construction accounting software, you can be confident that complex calculations are computed accurately. For example, our construction Payroll module can calculate pay for a single employee on several job sites, in multiple states, under multiple union jurisdictions, and under a variety of workers’ compensation insurance classifications – all within the same pay period.

Construction Payroll that You Control

AccuBuild’s construction Payroll module lets you choose pay methods, set user-defined deductions and automatically calculate employer burdens. Prevailing wage reporting for state and federal projects can be based on job site location. And unlimited time card entries are available for each job and phase. With AccuBuild, you can even execute multiple payroll runs within a single pay period to generate payroll checks as needed.

Detailed reporting with various formats and sort options let you view data the way you want to see it. Certified payroll, prevailing wage, union, workers’ compensation and quarterly payroll tax reports are just some of the many standard reporting options available within AccuBuild’s construction Payroll module. What’s more, AccuBuild is an integrated construction accounting software system, which means that labor hours entered in Payroll immediately update in Job Cost without the need for additional data entry.

AccuBuild Construction Accounting Software

Payroll Module Features

  • Offers single-state and multi-state construction payroll processing
  • Tracks Federal and State withholding status
  • Handles additional Federal and State withholding amounts
  • Links to Department, Workers’ Compensation and Union/Prevailing Wage codes
  • Pay methods include Hourly, Salary with No Hours, Salary with Fixed Hours and Salary with Distributed Hours
  • Six, user-defined Miscellaneous pay types are available, including Hourly and Withheld or Not Withheld; % of Gross and Withheld or Not Withheld
  • Six, user-defined Miscellaneous Deductions are available, including Hourly, % of Gross, Flat Amount, % of Disposable Income and Pre-Tax Amount
  • Employee numbers can be manually or automatically assigned
  • Department codes are user-defined to classify earnings for financial reporting
  • Department codes link to Job Cost Phase, Workers’ Compensation code and Equipment code
  • Union/Prevailing Wage codes are user-defined to set up benefit schedules for an unlimited number of classifications
  • Union/Prevailing Wage codes link to Department codes
  • Workers’ Compensation codes are user-defined to accrue insurance liability with each Time Card entry
  • Workers’ Compensation liability is automatically expensed to each job or overhead account; optional field can also factor a percentage for general liability insurance
  • Unlimited Time Card entries are supported for each job and phase (cost category)
  • Quickly change between employee’s defaulted department, Worker’s Compensation, Union/Prevailing Wage codes or pay rates with each Time Card entry
  • Certify hours with each Time Card entry as prompted by the job number; Operator discretion allows certification bypass
  • Check printing is automatic; Direct Deposit is supported
  • Handwritten checks are supported
  • Voiding a check within AccuBuild’s construction payroll software automatically reverses all associated entries

Payroll Pre-Check Tax Register

This report allows you to verify tax calculations and validate taxable wages prior to printing payroll checks. This information is very useful for companies with retirement and cafeteria plans where contributions to the various plans are exempt from certain payroll taxes.

Miscellaneous and Local Deduction Report

Local deductions can be set up for any local city, county, or school district taxes and may be assigned to each job so that the tax amounts are calculated accurately as the employee works on various job site locations. Reciprocal tax calculations are supported between each local tax entity. In addition, you may use local deductions to handle other types of payroll deductions such as tax levies, child support and payroll benefit plans. Each of these deductions are assigned to their respective collection agencies and accrued to the designated G/L Account. Local deductions can be set up for specific state codes or designated for all states.

Certified Payroll Reports Prevailing Wage

Reports can be generated at any time for jobs that require Certified Payroll Reports. These reports can be generated for any payroll period in any payroll year, so if they are lost or misplaced, they can be reproduced easily. These reports can be generated for both union and non-union contractors and include a Statement of Compliance.

Union Reports

AccuBuild’s Union Reports are very comprehensive and allow for up to 15 benefit accumulators per union classification. In most cases, these reports may be submitted directly to the union administration office along with your payment. Union burden amounts are accrued during each payroll run and expensed to the various jobs. These accrued amounts are then included on the monthly reports to ensure that the accrued amounts match the monthly total being paid to the union.

Payroll Detail Report by Job

During the Payroll posting process, AccuBuild’s construction payroll software automatically calculates the employer’s burden along with an employee’s gross wages in order to expense accurate labor costs to various jobs. These burden calculations include union benefits, workers’ compensation, liability insurance and all associated Payroll taxes paid by the employer. This report can be generated for any time period to recap the costs for each employee on each project and cost phase. This historical cost information is a valuable tool for project managers and estimators to use when reviewing how actual labor costs compare to the original estimates.

Payroll Module Reports

  • Employee Information Report
  • Detail Compensation Report
  • Workers’ Compensation Report (automatically adjusts for premium earnings)
  • Union Reports
  • Certified Payroll/Prevailing Wage Reports
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Reports
  • State Unemployment Report
  • List of Union Codes
  • List of Workers’ Compensation Codes
  • List of Certified Payroll Jobs
  • List of Department Codes
  • Detail Report by Department
  • Detail Report by Job
  • Subject Wages Tax Report
  • Check Register & Burden
  • Employee Transaction Report
  • Employee Local Deductions Report
  • Print W-2’s (magnetic media filing is available)
  • Generate G702 Pay Application
  • Print G703 Schedule of Values for Billing
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