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If you don’t have the information you need to make quick, informed decisions – your Bid or current project is at Risk.

With AB Analytics, you don’t have to have a degree in report writing to get your data in a timely fashion. With AB Analytics, you can drag and drop any data field from your accubuild system to create the visibility you need in seconds.

AccuBuild Business Intelligence Software (AB Analytics) enables you to manage your company’s key performance indicators efficiently and strategically. Ultimately, you’re empowered to make better,
more informed business decisions. With about 4 hours of setup and trianing, you’ll be ready to put your data to work. This will give you the cutting edge you need to maintain continuous profitable jobs with less risk.

AccuBuild Features

With Construction Business Intelligence Software like AccuBuild, you can easily manage things like certified payroll,
union reporting, retain age, committed cost, work-in-progress schedule, and more.



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