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Simple integrated software for complex projects.

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Construction Software for Project Managers

You’re the one juggling questions – and you need to have answers fast. You can’t deliver when you’re chasing down people and paper and then find conflicting details. That’s time-wasting chaos that can contribute to falling behind schedule and going over budget.

Stop the stress. Have accurate answers at your fingertips with AccuBuild construction management software.

This mature, single cloud solution is a powerful yet easy-to-use system:

  • Gain essential business analytics from estimate to labor
  • Know where you’re strong and where you’re losing money
  • See instantly when a job is at risk by using over-budget alerts
  • Improve forecasting with cost-to-complete details
  • Speed up invoice routing and approval
  • Simplify document workflows and material buyouts
  • Seamlessly manage RFIs, change orders, submittal tracking, and more

With an all-in-one AccuBuild solution, it’s easy to collaborate with owners and subcontractors. You won’t spend time disputing what happened when. You’ll have data-driven decisions to improve communication, processes, and confidence. In fact, with AccuBuild, you’ll learn to love your data!

An Excel-inspired interface is integrated with financials, so it’s familiar and easy to understand yet fueled with important cost, budget, and spend details that you need to stay competitive.

Plus, your new favorite thing? Always have a pulse on projects thanks to email and text alerts triggered to yourself and to your team members. Data is delivered to you however and whenever you want it. Stay informed no matter where your day takes you.

Imagine what you can accomplish with an AccuBuild system behind you –anywhere, anytime!

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