The only Construction Software designed and built by former Construction Controller.

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Construction Software for CFO's and Controllers

Clean financials, reporting, and analytics – three essentials you need to deliver so the owner and operations have what they need to run the company for best success.

It’s a challenge to keep an eye on it all, but that’s why AccuBuild construction management software makes it easy to access the data and KPIs you need. Plus, slice and dice for dynamic views of your data for insightful decisions!

Rely on AccuBuild features to manage and report more easily:

  • Trends, profitability, and cash flow by project manager
  • Budgeting and estimates to actuals
  • Handle certified payroll and prevailing wage
  • Full tax form integration built in, and file online

You’ll quickly see how you can grow your business and revenue without having to grow your staff. AccuBuild is the system you need to scale effectively. Take on the projects with confidence, knowing you have the tools to manage for optimal profitability.

And if heavy construction is your type of work, you’ll appreciate how AccuBuild understands your unique needs. Know your actual cost per hour on heavy labor. Track revenue in real-time with mobile-friendly features that capture labor and equipment productivity from the field and feed data back to the office instantly.

Picture your day with better analytics at your fingertips using a single cloud system from AccuBuild to help you get from A to B.

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