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AccuBuild’s Accounts Receivable module is an industry-specific solution to manage the flow of your receivables. With the Accounts Receivable module, you can track the status of all customer receivables, from contract billings (percentage-of-completion) to miscellaneous invoices (time and material). A feature-rich payment processing system within Accounts Receivable records all cash receipts, including direct payments, joint check receipts and backcharge receipts. The balance due on each invoice, for each customer or on each job can be easily displayed and is aged by the billing date. Because the AccuBuild Construction Software modules are fully integrated, data recorded in Accounts Receivable automatically updates Job Cost, Accounts Payable and the General Ledger without the need for additional data entry. This capability saves your staff time and eliminates potential errors associated with multiple entries in stand-alone software products.

Miscellaneous Billings: Time and Material, Change Orders

  AccuBuild Construction Software streamlines invoicing for time and material jobs, allowing for a combination of taxable and non-taxable line items for labor and material. Overhead and profit mark-up, along with retention, is automatically calculated and added if desired. Change order billings can also be generated through Accounts Receivable if they aren’t processed through the Job Cost module. Change orders entered in Accounts Receivable can be linked to the total contract amount in Job Cost.

Flexible Reporting

  Like the other AccuBuild Construction Software modules, Accounts Receivable offers flexible reporting options. Aging reports, Cash Receipts, a Sales Journal and Customer Activity reports keep you informed of the status of your cash inflow. Print customer statements on demand and reprint billings at any time if needed. AccuBuild’s Aging schedules include a separate column for reporting retention amounts, including unbilled retention, which prevents these amounts from being aged and included with current receivables. This feature provides a more accurate view of your receivables aging.

AccuBuild Construction Accounting Software

  • Accounts Receivable Module Features
  • Miscellaneous (Time and Material) Invoices with unlimited text entry
  • User-defined sales codes can be created for use with taxable items
  • Optional link to Equipment module is available to create equipment rental invoices
  • Interface with Job Cost updates the total contract or total change order amounts on a job
  • Automatically apply a percentage of overhead/profit to the total invoice price
  • Cash Receipts supports Direct Payments and Joint Check Receipts (single entry)
  • Joint Check Receipts interfaces with Accounts Payable invoices and performs automatic 1099 tracking
  • Miscellaneous non-invoiced receipts (such as interest payments) are supported
  • Backcharge Receipts reduce Accounts Receivable and post the backcharge as a job expense with just one entry
  • Outstanding invoices are automatically aged by the billing date
  • Crystal Reports report engine allows invoices to be customized as needed (such as adding your company’s logo for a professional finish)
  • Aging Schedule can be generated for current period or reconstructed for any prior period in any year
  • Sort Aging Schedule by invoice, job or receipt type
  • Billings can be reprinted at any time

Featured AccuBuild Construction Software Accounts Receivable Reports

Time and Material Billings

  Time and Material billings can be generated for small jobs such as service calls that don’t require percentage billings. Standard sales codes may be set up to categorize the type of service and/or material that appears on the invoice. These codes can be designated as taxable or non-taxable and sales tax codes include provisions for multiple tax categories such as county, city and local taxes. Equipment rental invoices can also be generated through Accounts Receivable based on the billing rate assigned to each piece of equipment. These invoices may optionally be assigned a job and included in the Work-in-Progress totals of the job schedules.

Cash Receipts Report

  The Cash Receipts Report details all the cash receipts that have been posted in the AccuBuild Construction Software Receivables system for a specific date range. The contract receipts include any type of receipt that is posted against an invoice that was originally created in the Job Cost system. The miscellaneous invoice receipts are those receipts that are posted against an invoice that was originally created in the Receivables system. The non-invoiced receipts are those receipts that do not relate to any invoice, such as interest payments or miscellaneous refunds. This report may be sorted by date, job, receipt type or source code.

Accounts Receivable Module Reports

  Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule (current or reconstructed for any prior period in any year and sorted by invoice, job or receipt type)
  • Cash Receipts Report (sorted by invoice, job or receipt type)
  • Sales Journal
  • Customer Activity Report
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Customer Statements
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