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Continuous Profitable Jobs with Less Risk!

  • Since 1987, AccuBuild has had one goal in mind: Develop a Construction Management Software that helps Construction Business Owners Maintain Continuous Profitable Jobs with Less Risk!
  • Below is a comprehensive list of integrated features that come standard with the AccuBuild system

AccuBuild Features

  • A|B Subcontractor Software

    Accubuild Construction Management Software is a fully integrated flexible business management system for contractors.

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  • A|B Analytics

    AccuBuild Analytics is a proprietary web-based data cube reporting tool which complements your existing AccuBuild software.

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  • A|B Time Clock 400

    A|B TimeClock is a remote tablet solution that allows you to accurately record and report employee time in the field.

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  • A|B Mobile

    AccuBuild Mobile connects the field to the office. Supervisors can easily create Daily Field Reports, Enter Timecards for crews, record weather, production and upload Job Site photos in real-time right from their phone, PC or tablet.

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  • Payroll

    We provides the flexibility and functionality you need to efficiently handle these issues and control the entire construction payroll process.

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  • Job Cost

    AccuBuild’s Job Cost module is the heart of our construction management software.

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  • Accounts Payable

    AccuBuild’s Accounts Payable module provides complete control over cash outflow.

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  • Accounting Receivable

    AccuBuild’s Accounts Receivable module is an industry-specific solution to manage the flow of your receivables.

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  • General Ledger

    The Ledger’s accounting integrity protects your financial activity and an easy-to-follow audit trail tracks data detail to its origin.

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  • Equipment

    Turn each piece of your equipment into its own profit center with AccuBuild’s Equipment module.

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  • Inventory

    Our Inventory module is used to track materials or other items that are kept on hand for distribution to a job or expense account at a later date.

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  • Scheduling

    A|B Scheduling Modules Puts Everyone On The Same Pages And Streamlines Your Scheduling Processes

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