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A|B Scheduling Modules Puts Everyone On The Same Pages And Streamlines Your Scheduling Processes

A|B Scheduling Streamlines Your Processes And Puts Everyone On The Same Page

A|B Scheduling Module puts your project managers, accounting and field staff on the same page by streamlining your scheduling processes and automating the flow of information from the field to the back office.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

A|B Scheduling saves time and money by automating schedule creation and eliminating costly data entry errors. End users can easily create schedules from data that already exists in the AccuBuild Job Cost module like budgets and contracts, as well as import resources from lists such as customers, vendors, employees and equipment. The scheduling module can also automate the creation of Daily Field Reports in the A|B Project Management module by importing scheduled tasks and resources for a specific date.

Automate Billing Processes

Increase office productivity and eliminate progress billing errors with AccuBuild’s Scheduling module. This ground breaking feature allows users to create billings with ease. End users simply keep their schedules up to date and AccuBuild can automatically create AIA/Progress billing applications from each scheduled tasks progress.

Enhanced Job Cost Reporting

With the click of a mouse AccuBuild users can compare actual field progress to job cost data. End users can project billings, cash flow, profit and cost from tasks in project schedules. These projections can also be compared to actual numbers, giving end users the ability to analyze field progress against real time financial figures.

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