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Construction Project Management Software

Every contractor knows how project management can impact profitability. Yet managing all of the complex aspects of a project is a difficult and often overwhelming task. Thanks to AccuBuild’s Project Management Module, you can take the headaches out of your day-to-day business by streamlining operations and accounting. After implementation you will have instant access to critical project information 24/7, allowing you and your team to make more informed decisions, control costs, and keep small problems from becoming huge disasters.

You will be able to track correspondence to the finest detail with our full Microsoft Office integration. Thanks to our easy-to-use document scanning feature, you don’t have to worry about digging through huge jobsite folders. You can effortlessly create and track daily tasks, calendars, RFI’s, Change Orders, Submittals, Meetings and Daily Reports, as well as Word, Excel, email and paper files.

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

The Project Management Module is completely customizable to meet your specific needs. Forms can be customized and set as the default or assigned to specific jobs, customers or vendors. Our main logs screen can be grouped sorted and filtered in any way imaginable. With user defined fields you can track data that may be specific to your operation. And with full office integration including MS Word mail merge, creating custom templates is a breeze.

Document Management Integration

Are you tired of struggling to organize that mountain of paperwork? Going paperless not only eliminates mistakes made by misfiled or misplaced documents like signed change orders, which can be devastating to a contractor, but also saves valuable time.

At the core of AccuBuild’s Project Management Module is our powerful Document Management Module. The ability to store all project management documentation in a central database is critical to the success of your projects. Why? If your Project Managers are bogged down in paperwork, they are unable to be effective liaisons. Their focus should be on managing subcontractors, identifying red flags in advance and ensuring workflow moves along smoothly. Things like field approved change orders, specs, plans, faxes, invoices, sub contracts all add to the never-ending mountain of paperwork. Document Management is the only solution.

Partial Project Management Features List

  • Creates and tracks RFI’s, COR’s, CO’s, Submittals, Daily Reports, Meeting Minutes, Project Closeouts / Punch Lists and much more
  • Manages daily tasks and calendar events in the “My Day Window” and syncs items with Outlook
  • Create unlimited document folders for storing any digital file ie: MS Word, MS Excel pdf, and scanned images
  • Create Job Template with predefined folder structures and files for copying to new projects
  • Dashboard views give quick graphical charts showing outstanding items for single project or all projects
  • Copy Daily Reports from previous day
  • Copy Meeting Minutes from previous day
  • Customizable forms
  • Create Project Teams from Existing Contacts
  • User defined categories, specs, buildings floors and rooms
  • Print subcontracts
  • Full MS Office integration
  • Drag and Drop, Attach & Scan backup documentation
  • Export Logs to Excel
  • Email RFI’s CO’s etc. right from the screen
  • Create User Defined Fields for Tracking Custom info in logs
  • Color coded logs provide easily identifiable warning items
  • Customizable log views
  • Sort, Filter & Group by any log field

Featured Project Management Reports / Dashboards

  • RFI Status Report
  • COR Status Report
  • Daily Field Report
  • Meeting Minutes Report
  • Project Contact List
  • Outstanding submittals by Category
  • Outstanding RFI’s by Category
  • Outstanding COR’s by Category
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