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AccuBuild covers the critical remaining 20% that other systems don’t complete.

Early in our business development we identified that off-the-shelf software didn’t satisfy every need. Thus began every customer’s frustration with finding a way to solve their remaining needs. The result was a patchwork of incompatible software that insufficiently met their needs, but was far from seamless.

This simple need gave birth to AccuBuild….a tailored solution that covers 100% of your needs.

Common Ways We Tailor Our Solutions

There are a number of ways we tailor our solutions to fit your team, your workflows, and your business.

1. Integrations

“Integrations” is a software development term for making one software work with another. AccuBuild develops integrations to make sure our software always works with your other software tools. Our goal is to provide our customers the best overall solution. Our goal is not to sell you more modules of AccuBuild.

2. Reporting

AccuBuild software is highly flexible so that you can generate reports the way you want. We even have our own report writer built into the software, which allows you to easily modify reports on your own. We don’t use a hard-to-use 3rd party software like Crystal Reports, we have our own easy-to-learn, built-in report writer to make it easy for our customers to make their reports look the way they want them to, along with all of the forms and documents generated by Accubuild.

3. Configuration

AccuBuild has many unique ways to configure the software built into the system. From sophisticated union setups in payroll, to unique routing and approval processes for accounts payable, to custom billing options by customer in job billing, plus many more…..

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