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For construction companies that need to control the movement of inventory, AccuBuild Construction Software provides an integrated solution to meet this requirement. AccuBuild’s Inventory module is used to track materials or other items that are kept on hand for distribution to a job or expense account at a later date. With the Inventory system, you can post new purchases to existing inventory stock and transfer inventory items to expense accounts and job schedules as needed. The Inventory module can be used with or without the Orders module and is also fully integrated with the Job Cost and General Ledger modules. For example, as inventory items are pulled from stock, they are recorded in the Inventory system and the quantities on hand are adjusted. This data entry will automatically update the job schedules in Job Cost and the General Ledger balances for the amount of the transferred items – without additional data entry.

Unique Uses for Inventory

Even if you don’t carry an actual inventory on your books, the AccuBuild Construction Software Inventory system can be utilized to record bulk material purchases for all jobs. This works by setting up a ‘Materials Clearing Account’ in your Chart of Accounts as part of the direct job expenses. This account can then be used instead of an Inventory account when setting up the Inventory categories. When bulk material is purchased, the Accounts Payable invoice is coded to the ‘Materials Clearing Account’ without a job number. Then, as material is sent to a job, data entry transfers the inventory to that job and credits the ‘Materials Clearing Account’ for the transfer. If you have an excess of material left on a job, you can use the Transfer Inventory option to remove the material costs from one job and transfer those costs to another job. AccuBuild Construction Software Inventory Module Features and Reporting Specifications

AccuBuild® Construction Software

Inventory Module Features

  • Provides a database of Inventory materials and other items that are kept on hand and distributed to a job or expense account at a later date
  • Fully integrated with the Job Cost and General Ledger modules for accurate tracking of Inventory costs
  • Can be used with or without the Orders module
  • Post Inventory Receivers option allows you to record the receipt of purchased Inventory items
  • Transferring Inventory to jobs will automatically adjust quantities on hand
  • Inventory Categories define groups or types of inventory parts and provide default Job Cost and General Ledger coding to expedite data entry
  • Can also be used to track bulk material purchases for multiple jobs
  • Bulk material transferred to a job that isn’t used can be returned to Inventory and transferred to another job as needed

Featured AccuBuild Construction Software Inventory Module Reports

Inventory Transfers Report

The Inventory Transfers Report recaps the inventory transfers made for a specified period. These transfers represent items that were taken out of inventory and expensed to various General Ledger accounts and jobs. Each transfer line item on the report will include the inventory part number and description; the transfer date; the quantity, price and amount transferred; the job and phase (if applicable); and the General Ledger accounts used for the debit and credit entries.

Inventory List Reports

The Inventory List Report Screen contains two report options: Fiscal Year Balances and Inventory Quantities after Commitments. The Fiscal Year Balances Report prints a list of all inventory items that are currently in the Inventory Master File. The list is printed in order by category codes and subtotals are printed for each category. Each line item of the report includes the part number and description; the storage location; the quantity on hand; the current selling price; and the extended amount on hand. The Inventory Quantities after Commitments Report is used to determine the “net” quantity available for each part number after taking into consideration any outstanding stock orders that have not be received as well as committed balances of stock requests. Inventory Module Reports Inventory Receivers Report Inventory Transfers Report Inventory List Report: Fiscal Year Balances Inventory List Report: Inventory Quantities after Commitments List of Inventory Categories Report    
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