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Construction Document Management Software

AccuBuild’s Document Management System (ADMS) is an integrated toolset for the electronic storage, retrieval and sharing of all your paperwork and documentation. Using ADMS, you can scan paper documents to create digital files using the built-in construction imaging software. Or, you can easily store existing files within AccuBuild, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF files.

With ADMS, vital paperwork is placed at your fingertips. A simple search is all it takes to retrieve a document and make changes or annotations. Then, re-filing, printing, faxing or e-mailing that document is accomplished with a click of the mouse.

Document Management Module Features

  • Existing documents can be attached by dragging-and-dropping desired files from Explore into ADMS, or by using right-click functionality
  • Batch scanning allows multiple documents to be scanned at one time and assigned to transactions as desired
  • Document options include the ability to view, edit, print or copy
  • The Duplicate document feature allows a single document to be attached to multiple jobs, employees, vendors and so forth, such as attaching a single invoice with many line items to multiple jobs
  • Image toolbar provides one-click commands to print, magnify, zoom, copy, rotate, de-skew, navigate through pages, delete the current page and more
  • Modified documents can be automatically saved when closed, or user settings can initiate a file-by-file prompt to save or discard changes
  • Documents and images can be annotated using notes, a highlighting tool or by adding a pre-defined stamp, such as an approval signature for Accounts Payable invoice processing
  • Annotations may be edited or deleted as needed and are not included on printed documents
  • An automatic file structure within ADMS makes setup fast and easy
  • Documents can be marked as “Private,” which prevents other users from accessing the file
  • Document master list offers a variety of filters to narrow the displayed list as needed
  • Shortcut keys allow for faster data entry and document assignment
  • A built-in e-mail feature is provided to forward documents to contacts in your AccuBuild Clients module
  • The option to use your Outlook address book rather than your Clients module contacts is also available
  • Document storage is only limited by your hard drive space; expansion to additional hard drive locations is fast and easy
  • Offers the ability to view, annotate, print, fax or e-mail documents from any workstation or remote location that runs AccuBuild
  • Detailed log provides an audit trail for each document by recording date, time and user for all actions taken
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