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The General Ledger module is the automatic receiver and repository for transaction detail entered from any module within the AccuBuild Construction Software system. Because of this, the Ledger is also a powerful financial reporting tool that helps you accurately assess the fiscal health of your company.

With AccuBuild, you can create custom financial statements, generate a trial balance and reconcile job costs or equipment costs to the Ledger. In addition, the Bank Reconciliation option provides a convenient method for reconciling your bank statement to the Ledger’s bank account balance.

Almost every transaction entered in the AccuBuild Construction Software modules automatically posts to the Ledger. Integration of the AccuBuild modules provides this seamless flow of information from a single source of data entry.

The Ledger’s accounting integrity protects your financial activity and an easy-to-follow audit trail tracks data detail to its origin.

AccuBuild Construction Accounting Software

  • General Ledger Module Features
  • Chart of Accounts is user-defined
  • Entries can be posted to General Ledger and/or Job Cost
  • Post Closing Journal allows for prior year adjustments
  • Bank Reconciliation option supports unlimited bank accounts and allows quick tagging of all cleared items
  • The option to reprint any Reconciliation for any period is available
  • Create custom Financial Statements using AccuBuild’s existing templates or design your own layout
  • Discrepancy reports support the reconciliation of Job Cost and Equipment to the General Ledger for error correction

Featured AccuBuild Construction Software General Ledger Reports

Trial Balance

The Trial Balance report prints the account balances based on the ‘Report Cutoff Month’ within the current fiscal year. The report includes the account numbers and descriptions, along with the totals for the prior year’s balance, month-to-date activity, the year-to-date activity and the current account balances. A subtotal is also printed for each group of accounts. Each of the four report totals at the bottom of the trial balance should always be zero, indicating that the total debit entries equal the total credit entries in the General Ledger.

General Ledger Detail Report

The General Ledger Detail Report prints a detail listing of all the transaction records contained in the Ledger system. These records not only include the General Journal entries, they also include the transaction entries from all of the other modules. This report may be printed in order by account number, batch number, source code or job.

Financial Statements

The AccuBuild Construction Software system allows you to create custom Financial Statements using information from the Chart of Accounts, including account balances and account activity for any period of the company’s current or prior fiscal year. Financial Statements can be custom created using pre-existing templates or your own designs.

In addition to Financial Statements, virtually any type of report can be designed using totals from the General Ledger. For example, a quarterly recap on all gross labor accounts can be used as a cross-reference report to compare to the quarterly Payroll Tax Reports from the Payroll module.

General Ledger Module Reports

  • General Ledger Detail Report (summary or detail; MTD, YTD or multiple periods)
  • Trial Balance (current year, future year, prior year vs. current year)
  • List of Accounts
  • Monthly Balances
  • General Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • Job Cost Discrepancies Report
  • Equipment Cost Discrepancies Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
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