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Construction Software for Owners

Your day demands real-time business intelligence, at-a-glance analytics, and precise control over projects, costs, performance, financials, the works!

You can join the ranks of successful construction business owners who rely on AccuBuild to manage every dime and every document. In fact, you’ll have data-driven decisions to improve communication and control for a unique competitive advantage. With AccuBuild, you’ll learn to love your data!

Owners value AccuBuild construction management software because it brings insights forward and brings the team together.

This mature, single cloud solution includes a breadth of capabilities preferred by owners like you:

  • Have answers at your fingertips and gain essential business analytics from point of data capture through final payments
  • Know where you’re strong and where you’re losing money with cash flow in focus
  • Understand where your growth opportunity lies knowing best profit potential
  • Empower finance and operations to work in lock-step, using the same data for timely reporting
  • Effectively manage banking requirements and bonding capacity
  • Access detailed transactions and reporting tools with drill-down into documents to know what’s driving activity and how to adapt
  • Grow your business intelligence and insights to make faster, more confident decisions

Not only is the system powerful yet easy-to-use, AccuBuild construction software provides all you need in the cloud – so no IT infrastructure is required. Yes, it’s scalable, too – thanks to concurrent licensing, you can grow at the pace that’s ideal for you!

Plus, you can eliminate the problems that come with disjointed, disparate systems costing you money and wasting your time – not to mention hindering real-time accuracy and often prompting discrepancies and disputes.

Ultimately, AccuBuild is a partner to help you grow. You can turn to us for a single solution that helps you manage projects, financials, workforce, equipment, subcontractors, employees, back office admin, and more! And you can turn to us for the expertise to help you get from A to B as you navigate problems and challenges on the way to greater success.

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