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  • Streamline Operations
  • Ensure Subcontractor Compliance
  • Automate Subcontractor Billings
  • Collaborate and Communicate with Subcontractors
    in Real-Time

A|B Subcontractor Pay gives you the ability to: streamline operations, ensure subcontractor compliance, automate Subcontractor Billings, collaborate, and communicate with Subcontractors in real-time.

We support the needs of Executives, Accounting Staff, Project Managers, and Field Staff. Our tailored solutions help general and specialty contractors gain a competitive advantage, as well as make faster and better decisions.

A|B Subcontractor Software Features

  • Once invoices are submitted by subcontractors A|B Construction Software users can approve, modify or reject billings before sending to AP for payment processing.

  • Invoices submitted by subcontractors are instantly available for project manager review via that AccuBuild Invoice Routing and Approval feature in A|B Construction Software. This gives project managers visibility by automatically matching submitted invoices to subcontracts and comparing prior and current billings in a user friendly interface.

  • When a new Subcontract Order is created in A|B Construction Software it automatically becomes available to the associated Subcontractor on the A|B Subcontractor Pay website.

  • No matter what type of information you are trying to communicate to each subcontractor you can setup up to three personalized charts. Show subcontractors total billings, invoices by approval stage, backlog and much more

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