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Our founder started out as a Controller for a GC that specialized in
Government and Education Construction.

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Government & Education Construction Software

You can’t achieve best profitability in government and education construction without document management & workflows. In fact, compliance requires getting the right paperwork processed accurately.

With an all-in-one construction management system from AccuBuild, you can be confident while managing requirements for scheduling, bonding, prevailing wage, projected costs, and more.

Stay competitive in your low bid, low margin landscape. Rely on AccuBuild for essential forecasting and detailed reporting.

Your single AccuBuild system allows you to:

  • Manage projects, financials, workforce, equipment, subcontractors, employees, back office admin, and more!
  • Streamline workflow and document control for improved speed and accuracy
  • Connect information from data capture through business analytics
  • Monitor metrics for optimal performance and productivity
  • Ensure tight security and compliance
  • Gain the business intelligence and insights you need for faster, more confident decisions
  • Eliminate the problems that come with disjointed systems

It’s time to explore how you can achieve greater success in the government & education construction industry. Just look to AccuBuild for a mature, single cloud solution to help you through every step, from A to B!

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