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Job Cost Accounting Software

AccuBuild’s Job Cost module is the heart of our construction management software. With AccuBuild’s job cost tracking software, the complicated process of calculating job costs is made easier with a user friendly yet highly effective tool. Using AccuBuild to monitor costs in real-time allows you to manage job profitability, effectively control job cost, and catch cost overruns early. Our Job Cost tracking software gives you the complete control you need to make confident business decisions that positively impact your profit. The AccuBuild job cost accounting module provides a quick way to monitor estimated, actual, committed or projected cost, and it provides a snapshot into your cash flow, profitability, and overall contract status with full drill down capabilities. Through the integration of your job cost accounting software with AccuBuild’s other all cost-related information is better managed, allowing contractors to streamline operations, make better decisions and realize more profit!

A Single Toolset for Data Entry

AccuBuild’s Job Cost accounting software is fully integrated with our other providing a seamless toolset to manage every aspect of a job. For example, time card hours entered in Payroll immediately update in Job Cost – without additional data entry. Creating a Purchase Order will automatically generate a committed cost for the corresponding job, and subcontract amounts or equipment hours are entered once in the appropriate modules and the data flows effortlessly into Job Cost. Our end-to-end and comprehensive solutions address the complex business needs of contractors, integrate processes for optimal productivity, and help to maximize profits for every project. An integrated, single data-entry system updates Job Cost tracking software in real-time. It also increases the productivity of your staff. Instead of spending time entering data in multiple, stand-alone systems, your staff only has to enter the data once in AccuBuild and it will flow through the other modules. Better productivity allows your business to grow without adding additional accounting staff. As a single, comprehensive solution that can solve the complexities of the entire project lifecycle, AccuBuild’s job cost accounting software provides your team with versatile features so they can communicate faster and react smarter, making your business more competitive and profitable.

Robust Reporting

AccuBuild’s built-in analysis tools and comprehensive reports allow you to make better, more informed business decisions. AccuBuild’s Job Cost reporting tools help you monitor the progress of a job to ensure that costs are not exceeding the estimate. Our Job Cost accounting software comes with hundreds of standard reports that can be easily customized by end-users with the built-in report writer. To give you complete financial management insight throughout each phase of constructions, the job cost accounting module is fully integrated with AccuBuild’s project management and analysis functions. Monitoring of cash flow is extremely critical for construction companies, since most receivables are collected 45 to 60 days after invoicing. AccuBuild’s Job Cost tracking software allows you to front load invoices and generate reports to accurately monitor cash flow on each project. With AccuBuild contractors can effectively manage their operations by simplifying and automating bill paying, while at the same time avoiding overpaying or paying the same bill twice. With AccuBuild, your company’s Income Statement amounts are driven by the job schedules. Plus, specialized Contract Status Reports contribute to in-house financial reporting and fulfill the mandatory requirement when performing bonded work. To manage construction operations efficiently and profitably, knowing exactly where you stand in terms of job costs and having solid financial accounting is of paramount importance. Using a comprehensive accounting and project management solution from AccuBuild, you will have all your applications for job cost accounting and project management in a seamless and flexible system. Simplify your job cost accounting, track your expenses in real time, improve profit margins, and keep your jobs on time and under budget with the AccuBuild Job Cost accounting software.

Job Cost Module Features

  • Job Costing includes cash and accrual basis costs, with fiscal year-to-date and job-to-date totals
  • Job Master is used to set up or change job site info
  • Set up estimated costs and billing information in unlimited detail
  • Link billing info to one or more G/L revenue accounts
  • Link to a default Workers Comp code
  • Link to job site-specific payroll deductions
  • Create a custom list of cost categories to use on all jobs
  • Cost categories may be linked to an expense account
  • Job Estimate Import creates a bridge between your estimating software and AccuBuild
  • Any estimate that can be exported to an ASCII file or Excel spreadsheet can be imported into a job to create budgets and a schedule of values
  • Job Cost Master is used to customize a list of cost categories to use on one job
  • Billing breakdown automatically generates contract amounts for each item based on the job estimate
  • Contract billings include six different formats, including AIA and Residential
  • Billings can be based on Percentage, Amount Complete or Units Complete
  • Retention is automatically calculated based on a percentage assigned to each billing item
  • Integrated link between billing items and subcontract items makes Subcontractor Payment processing easy
  • Reprint Contract Billings at any time
  • Void Contract Billings feature reverses all entries and reinstates invoice in user batch for editing

Featured AccuBuild Construction Software Job Cost Reports

Committed Cost Report

The Committed Cost report works in conjunction with the Orders module to track cost commitments for purchase orders and subcontracts. What makes this report so valuable is the timing of the cost information. As purchase orders and subcontract orders are entered into the system, they immediately create a committed cost on the project, which can be compared to the cost estimate to identify cost overruns early. By monitoring your costs with this report, you are able to make in-house estimate revisions for cost overruns and/or cost savings. The end result is more accurate Work-in-Progress Schedules and Profit/Loss projections. Accurate profit projections create good faith with your bonding company, which should contribute to an increased bonding capacity.

Contract Status Reports

The Contract Status Reports provide a summary of the profit structure for both in-progress and completed projects, and are very useful for bonding companies, CPAs and in-house management. When a Contract Status Report is selected for a given period, AccuBuild Construction Software will calculate the total contract amount; the total estimated cost; the total expenses including payables; the total billings and receipts; and the total estimated cost to complete. The Contract Status Reports are date driven and can be reconstructed for any cutoff month in the current fiscal year. All contract amounts and estimates are date-sensitive (including change orders). This ensures that reconstructed reports for prior fiscal month ends are always accurate, regardless of current period contract or estimate changes.

Work-in-Progress Schedule

The Work in Progress (WIP) Schedule is a job report within the Contract Status Reports series and is used mainly for financial statements and by the bonding industry. This report shows the revenues, costs and the projected profit/loss for each job. Cost estimates are used to project the percentage complete based on the total costs incurred on the project. Revenues and profit/loss amounts are then computed using the calculated percentage of completion.

Job Cost Capsheet Reports

The Job Cost Capsheet Reports are very useful for monitoring the variance between estimates and actual costs on each project. These reports can be printed at three levels: job totals, job and phase totals or job and phase with full supporting transaction detail. Estimates on each line item (cost phase) are compared to the total job-to-date cost to produce the remaining balance on both estimated units and dollars (variance), along with the percentage of completion on each line item. Costs are broken down by current fiscal year as well as total job-to-date amounts. In addition, a “Payable” column is provided to designate the amount of open payable (unpaid) invoices remaining on the project.

Cash Flow Analysis Report

The ability to monitor cash flow on a project-by-project basis is vital to the prevention of a negative cash flow situation. The Cash Flow Analysis Report compares cash collected with cash paid out to help you oversee each job and ensure that all possible efforts are being made to keep the cash flow positive for each project.
  • Job Cost Module Featured Reports
  • Job Information Report
  • Job Address List
  • Job Cost Capsheet
  • Committed Cost Report
  • Setup Worksheet
  • Phase List
  • Job Detail Items
  • Work-in-Progress and Completed Projects Schedules (Bonding Reports)
  • Over\Under Billing Schedules
  • Current Contract Earnings
  • Estimates to Complete
  • Cash Flow Analysis by Job
  • Contract Receipts
  • Detail of Job Billings
  • Job/General Ledger Comparison
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