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Securing Positive Cash Flow, Part 3: Maintaining a Standard of Excellence

When it comes to cash flow, maintaining a standard of excellence is easy. All you need to do is follow a formula that I call filling the GAP. This formula has three simple steps that, when followed, produce great results. By filling the GAP, you can ensure that your company maintains positive cash flow. G = Goal Establishment The first – and most important – step toward filling the GAP is to establish cash flow goals for each project and...

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Securing Positive Cash Flow, Part 2: Problems & Taking Action

Taking action to secure positive cash flow requires direct communication, detailed billing and proper documentation of changes to a job’s original scope. As you read through each action segment, make a note of how you can improve your processes to support positive cash flow. 1. Communication with Your Staff Communicating to your sales and estimating departments that getting paid on time is very important and can often stop cash flow prob...

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Is Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Proven?

When I ask a business owner about his data backup system, the typical answer is: We do a backup every day. The problem is, simply creating a daily backup isn’t enough to protect your data in the event of a catastrophic loss.  What you need is a proven backup system and a tested disaster recovery plan. When considering your backup and disaster recovery system, and budgeting accordingly, here are some of the questions you need to ask – and an...

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When Performance Is Key: Optimizing Your Computer

Many PC users have suffered an unnecessary lack of performance during day-to-day tasks. Have you ever asked why that progress bar is moving slower than molasses, or even gone as far to shout obscenities at the screen?   If lack of performance is part of your daily routine, here are some tips that will help your system perform at optimal speed. Network Suggestions Consumer grade network appliances don’t always meet the needs of small to me...

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Where Does All Your Time Go?

Most of us started the year with an ambitious list of things that we wanted to accomplish and some that we needed to accomplish. We are far enough into the year to ask ourselves: How are we doing? Since self-management is a hallmark of successful individuals and organizations, let’s get started. First, get out your list of objectives and major projects you were going to get done this year. To assess you you’re doing, you’ll need to provide ...

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