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Is my data safe?

A message from Mike J. Stearns, Software Engineer and data backup enthusiast.

During this time of uncertainty, there are some individuals who will unfortunately take advantage of this situation using cyber attacks. Some of these attacks are intended for theft of personal information and believe it or not, some hackers just do it for fun.

Over the last 20 years that I’ve had the privilege of working at AccuBuild, I’ve assisted many clients with rebuilding their AccuBuild Servers after such attacks, viruses and even hardware failure. Some server rebuilds are quick and sometimes it can take several days depending on equipment availability, IT Service Providers etc. If we don’t have a current backup of the AB Database, you can potentially lose day’s of previous work which ends up costing you.

For our clients who do not yet subscribe to our secured AB cloud infrastructure, we recommend that you take daily snapshots of your AB company databases to protect your business, workforce and insure that your Company does not experience any down time in the case of such an attack or hardware failure.

We also recommend keeping these backup’s at an offsite location or use a secured cloud file storage service to archive your data.

If you already have an operational backup system in place, verify your backups daily and perform the following AB backup as an extra insurance policy.

Here’s how you backup your AccuBuild Company Database:

  1. Log into AccuBuild with System Administrator Access.
  2. Navigate to File | Backup Data
  3. Change Backup file location to the desired destination.
  4. Repeat Daily!