A|B Analytics

A|B Analytics

AccuBuild Analytics is a proprietary web-based data cube reporting tool which complements your existing AccuBuild software which gives the users the ability to easily analyze and report on: Job Cost, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger, Purchasing, Inventory, Equipment, Clients and total Project Management.

The benefits of AccuBuild Analytics are as many as the software has features.

• It enables you to make better, more informed business decisions by gaining real-time, web-based access to information in a user-friendly, drag and drop, data cube interface. It allows you to report on your company’s key performance indicators through data cube technology.

• It eliminates the need for costly and time consuming custom reports creation and consultation.

• It also allows you to save and distribute standard and user-defined cubes across your entire organization.

Learn To Love Your Data.  Explore how A|B Analytics can help you see your construction business in ways that have not before been possible.

  • A|B Subcontractor Pay
    Discover How Easy Managing Subcontractors Can Be A|B Subcontractor Pay allows contractors to streamline operations, ensure subcontractor compliance, automate subcontractor billings and collaborate & communicate with subcontractors in real-time.    A|B Subcontractor Pay extends your existing Subcontract Orders from the Purchasing Module in A|B Construction Software to the A|B Subcontractor Pay website. You can allow…
  • Payroll
    AccuBuild's Payroll module provides the flexibility and functionality you need to efficiently handle all payroll issues and control the entire construction payroll process. Click here to read more
  • Accounts Payable
    Each feature within our Accounts Payable program provides complete control over cash outflows. This construction accounting software program is designed to streamline the flow of your payables - from posting invoices and scheduling payments to printing checks and managing subcontractor payments. Click to read much more.
  • Accounts Receivable
    Our Accounts Receivable module is an industry-specific solution to manage the flow of your receivables. With the Accounts Receivable module, you can track the status of all customer receivables, from contract billings (percentage-of-completion) to miscellaneous invoices (time and material). Click to read much more.
  • General Ledger
    The General Ledger module is the automatic receiver and repository for transaction detail entered from any module within the AccuBuild Construction Software system. Because of this, the Ledger is also a powerful financial reporting tool that helps you accurately assess the fiscal health of your company. Click to read much more.
  • Job Cost
    The complicated process of calculating job costs is made easier with AccuBuild’s Job Cost—a cost tracking software that is user friendly yet highly effective. Using AccuBuild to monitor costs in real-time allows you to manage job profitability, effectively control job cost, and catch cost overruns early. Click to read much more.
  • Project Management
    AccuBuild’s Project Management software allows your team to have instant access to critical project information 24/7, and make more informed decisions, control costs and keep small problems from becoming huge disasters. Click to read much more.
  • Purchasing
    Purchasing is an important component of any construction management software system. AccuBuild's fully integrated Purchasing solution is comprised of an Orders Module, Committed Cost Reporting, Construction Software, Open Order Detail Report and Order Receiver Report. Click to read much more.
  • Inventory
    Our proprietary Inventory module is used to track materials or other items that are kept on hand for distribution to a job or expense account at a later date. With it you can post new purchases to existing inventory stock and transfer inventory items to expense accounts and job schedules as needed. Click to read much more.
  • Document Management
    AccuBuild Document Management is an integrated toolset for the electronic storage, retrieval and sharing of all your paperwork and documentation. With it, you can scan paper documents to create digital files using the built-in construction imaging software. Or, you can easily store existing files within AccuBuild, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF files. Click to read much more.
  • Scheduling
    A|B Scheduling Module puts your project managers, accounting and field staff on the same page by streamlining your scheduling processes and automating the flow of information from the field to the back office.
  • Equipment
    Quickly and effectively turn each piece of your equipment into its own profit center with AccuBuild's Equipment module. It allows you determine if a single piece of equipment is generating enough income to be profitable; the Equipment system tracks rental income, maintenance costs, indirect costs, hours used, depreciation and more. Or Click to read more.
  • Mobile
    AccuBuild Mobile provides 24/7 access to your AccuBuild Construction Software. AM gives users real time access from ipads, iphones and android devices to all of the contact databases within AccuBuild along with standard and customized reports. Fully integrated with your existing AccuBuild software, AM extends data entry of daily reports and time cards to field employees helping to reduce field reporting and payroll time by up to 90%. Built in security ensures that sensitive data is only accessed by approved users.
  • A|B Analytics
    This is a proprietary web-based data cube reporting tool which complement s your existing AccuBuild software which gives the users the ability to easily analyze and report on: Job Cost, Qccounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger, Purchasing, Inventory, Equipment, Clients and total Project Management.