July 12, 2017

Terry Middleton

When I was a kid in high school I wanted to be a programmer and be like Bill Gates.  I went to school for programming and then decided to join the Air Force, which was one of the best experiences of my life.

After the Air Force I had a wonderful first career in IT and eventually became a programmer and loved every second of it.  Then one day an event happened and I decided to switch paths and pursue my first love and passion: Sales and Marketing.  I did not know anything about it, but knew one thing, I loved sales and market.  I read as many books I could get my hands on, studied the great sales leaders and marketers and became a student.  Still today I am thirsty to learn what I do not know about sales and marketing.

I have worked with some amazing companies such as Nike, US Olympic Committee, Dell, Fish The Baja, SAP, HornsIllustrated, Texas Veterinary Board and under even more amazing people.  I love sales and marketing and wake up each day thinking about it.  The one thing that draws me to it is people.  Sales and marketing involves people, customers and colleagues.  This is truly what drives me.  Getting to engage with others and be a part of their journey to success.

The other side of me, my personal life, you can often find me swimming at Barton Springs Pool in Austin.  This is one of my favorite places in the all the world.  I love watercolor painting, reading, studying great people and writing (love writing)  Funny story:  I took writing 101 six times in college and still to this day need someone to look over my work.  Sad, but truthful.