July 24, 2017

AB Construction Management Software Release

7/24/2017 – AccuBuild announces the latest release of their construction management software  Continuing the long tradition of commitment to enhance and grow the product based on customer feedback, AccuBuild is addressing the needs of today’s modern construction business.

Release has several new features

TimeCard – New Feature

A new feature has been added to allow support for Other Pay Transactions on the Timecard
Worksheet Screen using department code settings. You can now set up specific department codes that will
change any time card entry that is entered for Regular or Overtime Pay Hours to any of the Other Pay
Transaction Types

Document Management (ADMS) – New Feature

A new replace document​ feature has been added to the document management system that
allows for the replacement of an existing document with a new document. This feature eliminates a lot of
extra steps that are necessary to fix the situation where a document is processed through the system, and
later it is discovered that the attached document was the wrong document.

Equipment List – Cosmetic Changes / fix

AccuBuild Mobile – MAR Report Fix

Account Payable – Properties Screen Change

MAR Report – New Reports

Accounts Payable – New Feature

The accounts payable module now supports ACH Payments for vendor invoices which will produce
NACHA files for bank processing in place of paper checks for designated vendors.

AP Routing Process – Document Approval Settings Enhancement

The AP Settings for Document Approval Screen has been updated with some new controls to help with
locating the proper order number for Vendor Invoices that related to an order in the purchase order

Payroll – State Tax Table Updates for July 1, 2017

  • Illinois
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • New York City


Customers can visit the support page to download the latest release