The AccuBuild Experience is unlike any other in our industry, and does not end after the sale, or even the implementation of the product that we sell. Instead, after some basic discovery conversations, and evaluation of each other, AccuBuild and our customers enter into a real, trusting business relationship, where you as the customer, are now part of ‘the club’.

The AccuBuild Experience is our alternative to the typical ‘sale and bail’ experience felt by most Professional Contractors where you as the customer write a check, and feel somewhat abandoned shortly after. Quite contrary, AccuBuild seeks to make sure that your experience, especially in the months and years to follow, is unlike anything you as a Professional Contractor have experienced. We focus on this continually- from sale, to implementation, to years of quality support and thankful service.

All new AccuBuild customers automatically join ‘Club AccuBuild’- a term that describes our vision. Our lean size puts us at an advantage over our competitors, allowing us to create a members only club of Professional Contractors who want an integrated, tailored product from a company who they view as a trusted advisor, not just a service provider. Having a lean and focused team of professionals servicing a ‘club’ of Industry Leading Professional Contractors allows our response, development, and product innovation to happen in real-time.

For AccuBuild staff, The AccuBuild Experience means that our customers are not an interruption to our work, they are the reason for it. AccuBuild exists to help make your company money.


Our lean size and members-only customer base puts us at an advantage over our competitors, allowing us to act as a trusted advisor, not just a service provider, to our customers. Whether you need professional resources in areas of bonding, tax savings, IT services, or general advisory for your business, AccuBuild customers enjoy the premium treatment of ACCUBUILD CONNECT resources.


ACCUBUILD CARE is how AccuBuild gives back to the community by lending a hand and offering resources to cause organizations that are working to improve quality of life in our local communities.