August 18, 2017

Wendy Joseph

Wendy joined the AccuBuild team in April, 2017. She brings with her over twenty years of experience as a Software Development Manager.  She is a seasoned IT professional with extensive working experience developing, deploying, and evaluating Enterprise Software products. She received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, minor in Computer Science at State University of New York, Binghamton.

Wendy leads the development team in creating new products and customizing current products for our customers. Her strength lies in her ability to understand the architecture of the code, the complexity of the databases,  as well as IT requirements for the A|B Product Suite.  Her focus is assuring A|B’s customers’ needs are met.  She has the innate ability to foresee issues as an end-user and translate those issues to solutions within the architecture of the software. Super complicated, but incredibly useful for the A|B developers and customers alike.

In her spare time, Wendy is a talented artist working in many mediums but especially ceramics and textiles. You can find her in her ceramic studio behind her house throwing porcelain bowls or producing whimsical creations. When it gets too cold (yes, we have winter in Texas), Wendy picks up needles and crochets or knits pretty much anything she can imagine.

She lives with her husband, Ron (also an IT/Software Professional) and their two daughters, Hannah and Sophia. They have a Heinz 57 dog named Jojo, a fluffy cat named Cloudy, some bunnies and several chickens.