July 12, 2017

Matt Davis

Originally from England, Matt arrived in Texas in 2015, and joined the AccuBuild Sales and Marketing team in 2016, and absorbed the Accounts Receivable responsibilities shortly afterwards. Matt was co-responsible for the successful execution of the 2016 AccuBuild Users Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Since then, Matt has transitioned into the Professional Services team as Consulting Services Manager, where he is responsible for AccuBuild’s Business Analysts, ensuring that they are maintaining a high-touch relationship with our customers.

Before joining the AccuBuild team, Matt worked in the insurance industry for 12 years, as well as moonlighting as a bartender. Whilst he was not one of those fancy cocktail bartenders, he can pour you a great pint of beer or glass of wine (so please don’t ask him to make you a Chocolate Martini or a Strawberry Mojito).

Outside of a work environment, Matt is a keen football fan (soccer to us Americans) and has a Jack Russell-Chihuahua puppy named Jax.