Build a better management software system and they will come.


ACCUBUILD was built from a very real need.

In 1987, AccuBuild’s founder, Mike, was the Controller for a large General Contractor that was trying to implement another construction accounting system. Unhappy with the results, this contractor asked Mike if, with his computer programming skills, he could build them what they wanted and needed and couldn’t find anywhere else.

He returned soon after with AccuBuild.

Fast forward to the 2000’s and his son Josh, after joining the family business, recognized that contractors in the 2000’s wanted more. It was then that Josh began architecting the integrated construction management system that AccuBuild Complete Construction Management is today. A number of years later, AccuBuild started expanding to a wider audience of influential professionals and large contractors across the U.S.

Today AccuBuild is the system of choice for general contractors, specialty subcontractors, and industry professionals across the U.S., and is proudly recognized as an industry leader in business management software for contractors.

AccuBuild Construction Software is a fully integrated, flexible business management system for contractors. We support the needs of Executives, Accounting Staff, Project Managers, and Field Staff. Our tailored solutions help contractors gain a competitive advantage, as well as make faster and better decisions.

We are the one you can count on. You are the one we count on speaking to.

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"AccuBuild was able to connect our field to our office and show us exactly where we are on every project. What took us days, now takes us seconds."

Austin Locke - Business Analyst, Kana Pipeline

I don't see how any other system can compete with AccuBuild

Robert Healy - President, iConstructors, Inc.

Our vision is to create fans of The AccuBuild Experience–not just customers of a product.

Josh Stearns, CEO of AccuBuild

We chose AccuBuild over their competitors because AccuBuild listened. We found a company that would tailor and hone a product that we needed, rather than a group of developers telling us what we needed.

Carl Franseen, Executive VP, Finance & Administration, United Infrastructure Group