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Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software

Since 1987 AccuBuild has been an industry leading provider of Business Management Software for General Contractors and Specialty Sub-Contractors.

 AccuBuild Construction Management Software breaks down the 4 key areas of a Professional Contractor’s business into :

FINANCIAL -True, integrated financial management for Professional Contractors.

PROJECT -One System for Professional Contractors to reduce risk and increase efficiency.

DOCUMENT -A real Paperless Office for Professional Contractors.

WORKFORCE  -A single solution connecting the field to the office.


Some of AccuBuild‘s core features are:

General Contractor Software – AccuBuild General Contractor Software increases the efficiency of every facet of your business to save you time and money.  Using an integrated system, our software includes accounting, project management, real-time job updates, purchasing, payroll, and more.  Rather than be bogged down by these cumbersome activities, you’ll have more time to manage your projects and gain new customers.

Cloud – Online Construction Management Software – Manage your construction business no matter where you are with the Cloud.  You’ll have complete control over every construction project along with the rest of your business whether your on a job site, out of town on a business trip, or taking a vacation.

Office Software – AccuBuild not only provides construction software for management, but it also provides office software for every employee of a construction business.

AccuBuild Mobile – AccuBuild Mobile is a mobile app that works with any mobile device to give you complete control over each job and your business when you can’t get to a computer or an internet connection.  Access contacts, update reports, and get up to the second details on all of your products with this versatile mobile application.

Time Clock -  Job Site Tracking – Reduce payroll processing time by up to 90%, and stop employee time theft with mobile software that allows field employees to clock in and out remotely while giving you the power of approval before payroll processing.

Heavy Equipment Accounting Software – AccuBuild Construction Software gives you the ability to track costs and manage heavy equipment so you can maximize your efficiency and profitability.

Subcontractor Management Software – Catered to the unique job of a specialty subcontractor, this software aids in documentation, accounting, placing orders, and more.

Residential Construction Software – Residential contractors can use this tailored software to track costs and document changes, including payroll and supply purchases.

Software for Electrical Contractors – Engineered for electrical, mechanical, and HVAC contractors, this software tracks costs and documents changes to maximize profitability.

AccuBuild Construction Software uses innovative technology with customizable options to give you exactly what your construction company needs!


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